We enable our customers production with highest quality and the best output as the Turkey distributor of world’s leading industrial production system brands 3U Vision, Sesotec and Nemesis.

Color Sorting Systems

The world’s most advanced optical alining color sorting systems with new generation technological equipments.

Color sorting systems regulates the machine usage pressure automatically according to the selected product and reduces both air consumption and quantity of rejects by allowing the enhance of the selection.

3U Vision Fenix

Metal Detectors

Sesotec metal detectors provide effective protection against machine damages, production interruptions costumer claims and returns.

Our metal detection system detects and sorts the entire metalic contaminators by using inductive technology whether the contaminator is exposed to product or embed regardless of made of iron, steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.

Tunnel Type Conveyor
Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors for
Conveyor Belts

Throat Profile Metal Detectors
for Free Fall Applications

Tubular Metal Detectors for
Liquids and Pasty Products

Tubular Metal Detectors
for Pneumatic Systems


X-ray Control Systems

X-ray control systems for comprehensive product inspection before and after packaging.

The product quality in the food industry is the top priority. The manifacturers are responsible of the contamination and quality issues might cause reputation damages. Our X-ray control systems detects
various contaminants and product defects, protects you against customer complaints and product returns.

Sesotec Raycon D+

Sesotec Raycon EX1

Inline Automatic Checkweighers

High speed inline Automatic Checkweighers for small, medium and large businesses developed and manifactured by Nemesis in Italy.

  • Compact replacement solutions for small, medium and large businesses.
  •  This long-lasting, flexible and heavy-use system ensures low maintenance costs.
  • Clibration and training procedures are not required with EasyWeigh® technology.
  • MID European Directive and OIML R-51 fully certified. NEMESIS is an ISO 9001 company.