3U Vision Fenix

The most innovative and efficient sorter on the market.

  • Easy programming system: the software has been developed in order to create or modify the recipes without the presence of a qualified technician.
  • Smart custom cameras with integrated elaboration and analysis system, hardware and software completely made in Italy.
  • IOT ready, completely compatible with IOT 4.0: it allows the exchange of information related to estimated throughput, estimated reject quantity, number of ejections, morphological product features, etc..
  • Ramps with silver ion treatment for a better smoothness and hygiene.
  • Integrated remote-service system in order to help you in real time, quickly and without on-site intervention costs of a technician, everywhere you are.


  • 4 wavelengths multispectral system as standard equipment, RGB and IR in the same 4K sensor. This innovative solution allows a completely aligned view. A real improvement detecting defects in similar colours products but with different answers to infrared as foreign bodies, inorganic defects, etc. Furthermore, it allows a considerable cost reduction compared to the market standard with the use of two different cameras.
  • High resolution multispectral cameras SWIR (1024 pixel), up to 4 wavelengths. These cameras allow unreachable results until now, recognising polymers, selecting shells and foreign bodies in dried fruits and where there are chemical differences even if not visible by human eyes.
  • Simultaneous use of RGB, SWIR and IR optical systems: up to 8 frequencies (the standard on the market for these sorters is usually not more than 4 frequencies).
  • Automatic air pressure regulator: it regulates automatically the pressure of the machine use according to the selected product and it allows to improve the selection, reducing both the quantity of reject and the air consumption.
  • Morphological analysis of the product: it extrapolates the statistical data of the product: average width, average height, percentage of wreckage, etc.
  • System of signals equalization, in order to obtain the same results in each chutes of the machine.
  • Automatic control and equalization of the vibrators speed, in order to have flat and uniform flows in all channels.
  • Dual display 15”: all the useful information for machine monitor, always visible thanks to the two 15’’ touchscreen displays.
  • Flat spectrum led (they reproduce the natural sunlight spectrum).State of the art full spectrum led, without low light areas typical of the standard white led. They allow to detect all the slightest colour shades.
  • State of the art Ev, 3.2mm pitch: with custom design and specification, they can reaches top values in duration and speed. They allow practically to double the number of electrovalves in each chutes. In this way, we increase the production speed, we reduce the quantity of good product wrongly expelled (reject product more concentrated) and allow to reduce the air consumption.
  • RISE-UP system: it allows to move the ejectors close the inspection line; halved distance compared to the other sorters on the market. It reduces the errors due to the different products fall speeds.
  • Multi wavelengths led with focusing lens, it focuses the light only on the right points and it allows to reach high illumination and low consumption.

MODEL Fx1 Fx2 Fx3 Fx4 Fx5 Fx6 Fx8 Fx10 Fx12
CHUTES 1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12
EJECTOR 96 192 288 384 480 576 768 960 1152
WIDTH (MM) 1210 1530 1855 2180 2510 2830 4143 4803 5443
HEIGHT (MM) 2075 2075 2075 2075 2075 2075 2075 2075 2075
DEPTH (MM) 1894 1894 1894 1894 1894 1894 1894 1894 1894
WEIGHT (KG) 700 900 1100 1300 1500 1600 2400 2800 3200
POWER (KW) 1,4 1,5 1,7 1,8 1,9 2 2,5 3 3,5
AIR CONS. (I/sec) 9 17 26,3 35,5 44,2 54,8 64,1 86 110,7

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