MULTISCAN EVOOlution – Olive Sorter Machine

Unique optical sorting and monitoring system for olive oil mill

EVOOlution is an innovative olive sorting and monitoring system for oil mills that, by classifying each olive by maturity index and presence of defect, guarantees the highest quality of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and compliance with its desired organoleptic characteristics.


Sorting by quality and presence of defect

EVOOlution detects the main defects that impact EVOO quality, such as fly damage, frozen and dehydrated olives, mummies, fungus and surface defects, as well as foreign bodies derived from harvesting.

Sorting by Maturity Index

EVOOlution is capable of grading each olive according to the 8 maturity indices, allowing to obtain olive oils with totally different organoleptic characteristics: greener, more mature oils, with different flavor notes, etc.


  • Elimination of unwanted material and olives with defects that can reduce the quality of the oil: Diseases, weather and mechanical damage, early fermentation, etc.
  • Color grading (IM): Control of the degrees of maturity and induced flavors of the oil
  • Extension of the production window of quality EVOO along the season: Improves the MIX of qualities
  • Homogenization of the incoming product: Results in more balanced oils and increased efficiency of the process
  • Data generation and control of outsourced olives: Adequate valuation of the olives purchased from external producers
  • Process monitoring: decision making sustained by real-time data


New software platform with new, enhanced capabilities for digital processing and information management to meet the needs of integration and Industry 4.0

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