MULTISCAN S30TG – Cherry Tomato Sorter Machine

Sorting or preliminary sorting of Cherry Tomatoes (round or grape) by quality based on fruit quality (external and internal), color and size:

  • A very compact solution with 3 outputs and high efficiency


Integrated Solutions for Cherry Tomatoes

Multiscan is a real expert in sorting small fruits, especially cherry tomatoes. We can meet the needs of all types of producers with our sorting and pre-sorting solutions.

With our cherry tomato sorting strips, the product is checked according to quality (exterior and interior), color and size, from receipt to packaging.

Thanks to our solutions, we ensure that our customers use each tomato efficiently and get maximum benefit from production.

Turnkey Solutions

We offer a complete service that provides comprehensive and integrated turnkey solutions with our expert staff in the commercialization and operation of agricultural, food and industrial facilities.

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