MULTISCAN S90 – Citrus Sorter Machine

Unique solution specifically designed for pre-sorting citrus fruit based on external quality, color, shape and size parameters to maximize production efficiency and optimize the packaging line.



It is specially designed for defect, color and size detection and for sorting products with diameters of 40 and 100 mm according to quality. It is very compact with its high production speed and 3-way reject system.

SpinSort technology: enables 360° analysis by rotating the product during inspection, maximizing the area examined and detection efficiency.


  • More control over the final quality of the product
  • Optimization of lines and calibrators, ensuring production continuity
  • Versatile use, compatible with different varieties
  • It guarantees predetermined production efficiency by automatically changing its own speed and the speed of peripheral units depending on the quality of the product.
  • Saves labor and space required for product processing
  • Batch production information
  • Unique solution for repackaging lines with its compact structure and capacity

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