Nemesis G Series – Inline Automatic Checkweigher

The Smart Specialist of Harsh Environments

  • Special conveyors’ design, for the fast and easy disassembly and removal of the tapes.
  • 100% stainless steel structure and IP66 protection: ideal when frequent washing is crucial.
  • With EasyWeigh® technology there is no need for calibration or learning procedures.
  • MID European Directive and OIML R-51 full certified. NEMESIS is an ISO 9001 company.


Technical Data

Capacity 20g up to 8kg
Scale interval “e” ≥ 1g
Display resolution “d” ≥ 0.2g
Accuracy (3σ) ≥ ±0.1g
Throughput ≤  300 ppm
Belt Speed ≤ 90 m/min
Power Consumption ≤ 0.3 kw
Configuration 3 conveyors
IP Protection IP66
Height 460mm up to 1200mm
Conveyor(s) width 160mm up to 360mm
Conveyor(s) length 250mm up to 450mm
Conveyor(s) type Polyurethane Belt

Featured Properties

Automatic Ejectors

  • Side pneumatic ejector
  • Air blast ejector
  • Double-nozzle air blast ejector

Information Packs

  • 7″ touchscreen control panel
  • 10″ touchscreen control panel
  • NEMESIS Data Manager
  • NEMESIS Analytics
  • Integrated printer for reports
  • Lights and acoustic alarm tower

Security Devices

  • Air pressure check
  • Rejection photocell
  • Reject bin full photocell
  • Plastic reject bin
  • Stainless steel reject bin


  • Proactive feedback correction
  • Remote control panel
  • Reinforced architecture

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