Nemesis S Series – Inline Automatic Checkweigher

The High-Speed Solution for Lightweight Range

  • Quality control meeting the current requirements of the pharma industry, first of all GMP.
  • Top class accuracy for 1 gram up products, even at the highest industrial speed rates.
  • With EasyWeigh® technology there is no need for calibration or learning procedures.
  • Fully integrable with visual control, marking, tracing systems, barcode readers etc.


Technical Data

Capacity 1g up to 600g
Scale interval “e” ≥ 0.1g
Display resolution “d” ≥ 0.01g
Accuracy (3σ) ≥ ±0.005g
Throughput ≤  600 ppm
Belt Speed ≤ 120 m/min
Power Consumption ≤ 0.3 kw
Configuration 3 up to 6 conveyors
IP Protection IP54 (IP65 option)
Height 460mm up to 1200mm
Conveyor(s) width 45mm up to 160mm
Conveyor(s) length 150mm up to 350mm
Conveyor(s) type Polyurethane Belt

Featured Properties

Automatic Ejectors

  • Side pneumatic ejector
  • High-speed pneumatic ejector
  • Air blast ejector
  • Double-nozzle air blast ejector
  • Drop-down ejector

Information Packs

  • 7″ touchscreen control panel
  • 10″ touchscreen control panel
  • NEMESIS Data Manager
  • NEMESIS Analytics
  • Integrated printer for reports
  • Lights and acoustic alarm tower

Security Devices

  • Air pressure check
  • Rejection photocell
  • Reject bin full photocell
  • Plastic reject bin
  • Stainless steel reject bin


  • Proactive feedback correction
  • Remote control panel
  • Feeding screw
  • Pair of feeding belts
  • Reinforced architecture

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