Sesotec GF 4000

Metal separation system for pneumatic conveyor pipes

  • Detection and separation of magnetic and non-magnetic metal impurities
  • For inspecting bulk materials (granulate, powder etc.)
  • Easy to integrate in existing pipeline systems
  • Designed for high flow rates
  • Available in versions up to ATEX Zone 20
  • Outstanding ease of operation with product auto-learn function and latest microprocessor technology


The GF 4000 metal separation systems are primarily used for quality control in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. All system components have been designed to meet stringent hygiene standards in these industries.

Integrated in pipeline systems the separators remove magnetic and non-magnetic metal particles from pneumatically conveyed bulk materials such as granulate, powder or flour.

GF 4000 metal separation systems can be integrated in horizontal, vertical and inclined vacuum and pressure pipes. Retrospective installation in existing pipeline systems (with standard nominal widths up to 150 mm) is straightforward and simple to achieve by using quickconnectors or air-tight flanges. A clear advantage of the GF 4000 series’ modular design is its ability to adapt to different conveying methods.

The system offers excellent metal detection, maximum resistance to interference and is highly reliable both mechanically and operationally. The rapid-reacting “Quick Flap System” removes metal contaminants without any interruption to the production process, even at high flow rates.

  • Inline inspection between silo and filling system (e. g. in mill plants)
  • Incoming goods inspection prior to filling silos

Two control units (GENIUS+ and SENSITY) with graded performance features are available. Common features:

  • Highest sensitivity to all metals (2-channel technology)
  • Digital signal processing and quartz-stable search frequency
  • State-of-the-art microprocessor technology with selfmonitoring, auto-balancing, and temperature compensation
  • Product compensation with auto-learn function
  • Multi-product memory
  • Password protection / access protection
  • Special EMC combi-filter for suppressing external interference (Further information: see “Control Units” brochure).

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