Sesotec Raycon D+ – Xray Control System

Intelligent x-ray product inspection system for packaged products – End of line inspection

  • Longer lifetime of core components
  • Application variability
  • Surpassing detection requirements
  • Increased ease of use


The RAYCON D+ product inspection system detects all contaminants that due to their density, chemical composition, or mechanical dimensions absorb x-rays better than the surrounding product.

With its optional capability using Dual-Energy technology the performance for soft contaminants gets extremely improved for materials e.g. types of plastics (PVC, aso.), rubber, ceramics, stones, calcified bones and similar materials.

  • Throughput: ~250 pcs./min. (product specific)
  • Detection capability starting from Ø 0,3 mm
  • 200W long life x-ray generator
  • Highest operator safety due to low x-ray emission < 0.5 µSv/h
  • Modular and stable frame design allows easy transportation and safe installation
  • Ambient temperatures from 0°C to + 40°C
  • IP 66 protection class within conveyor area

The system comprises of the following main components:

X-ray tube

This is where x-rays are electrically generated. The x-rays are emitted from the tube through a narrow slot and as a fan-shaped beam pass through the product to be inspected from back to front.

X-ray beam

Transport system

A PE flat belt (self guiding) uniformly transports the product to be inspected through the x-ray beam. This makes it possible to scan the product line-by-line.

Detector unit

The linear detector that is installed above the inspection aperture converts the arriving x-rays into an electrical signal from which a digital x-ray image is created.

  • 0,4 mm HD resolution
  • 0,8 mm Dual Energy

Industry-type PC

The PC is used to evaluate the images and to accurately control the reject systems.

  • Automatic detection of product height
  • Automatic power adjustment of the x-ray source
  • Extended lifetime of x-ray source
  • Increase of energy efficiency
  • Maximum sensitivity without special settings
  • Time savings during the learning process of the different products
  • The modular design allows adaptation to various applications
  • Depending on machine configuration, foreign bodies are detected from 0,3 mm
  • Modular principle enables fast, uncomplicated and cost-transparent upgrade
  • Platform concept enables subsequent update
  • Easy to clean due to hygienic design
  • Tool-free belt change within 2 minutes
  • HD (High Definition): Detects foreign bodies from 0,3 mm (e. g. stainless steel, steel, copper, glass, …)
  • Dual Energy: Detects soft impurities from 2,0 mm (e. g. bones, rubber, …)
  • Surpasses the latest and most valid food regulations by up to 400%
  • False reject rate (F.R.R.) below 0,01%
  • The system detects products up to a conveying speed of 1 m/s
  • Maximum throughput is 250 pieces per minute
  • The 15 “HD touch display in 16:9 format offers a high resolution for excellent picture quality
  • No special operating knowledge is necessary
  • Automatic recognition of the product packaging by the edge filter
  • Minimizing the frequency of false rejects and product wastage
  • Automatic detection of the x-ray source lifetime and early warning by the system
  • Warranty extension from 3 to 5 years through the optional service package

HD resolution vs. Dual Energy

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