Sesotec Unicon+

Metal detection system for conveyor belt applications

  • Reliable metal detection system with INTUITY or GLS metal detector
  • Customer-specific conveyor belt solutions based on proven VARICON+ conveyor belt technology
  • INTUITY offers highest metal detection performance with multi-simultaneousfrequency technology and easiest operation on the market
  • Meets all IFS and HACCP requirements
  • Available in versions certified up to ATEX Zone 20
  • For the total inspection of individually packaged product up to 130 kg
  • Options for dry and wet applications
  • Various reject options to meet customers’ specific requirements


UNICON+ metal detection systems detect all ferrous and non-ferrous metals (steel, stainless steel, aluminium etc), even those which may be contained in the product. It is used for inspecting packaged and unpackaged items.

The modular design concept provides flexible solutions which can be precisely tailored to the needs of different products and production environments.

Application-specific reject options (declining conveyor, retracting belt etc) can be supplied.

UNICON+D range is designed for applications in dry areas; UNICON+W is designed for wet, more hostile environments.

  • INTUITY or GLS tunnel metal detector
  • Special belt conveyor
  • “Stop-on-detect” control unit
  • Higher Level Security System as an option with rejection and system monitoring
  • Available with standard INTUITY detection coil or proven GLS coil
  • INTUITY with multi-simultaneous-frequency technology offers highest metal detection performance
  • INTUITY with easiest and safe operation due to user-friendly INTUITY CONTROL user interface
  • Meets the specifications for metal detection systems in the product safety standards of the food industry, also those of large trade chains (such as IFS, BRC, M&S, …) with INTUITY and Higher Level Security option
  • Open, easily accessible design allows easy cleaning of the complete system
  • Glass-bead blasted surfaces comply with hygiene regulations in the food industry
  • Sturdy welded conveyor belt construction in stainless steel ensures long service life
  • As an option with protection rating IP66/69K
  • With the UNICON+ conveyor belt series we realise individual adaptations and solutions for optimal installation in the customer’s environment.
  • With extensive application know-how and a high level of development performance we provide best metal detection for each individual case.
  • Inspection of butter, cheese, and frozen meat blocks
  • Inspection of E1 and E2 boxes in meat processing
  • Inspection of bagged goods up to 50 kg

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